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Gill Mathias: Business Coach, Property Presenter, Aromatherapy Specialist, Women in Business Communicator
Gill Mathias: Business Coach, Property Presenter, Aromatherapy Specialist, Women in Business Communicator
Gill Mathias: Business Coach, Property Presenter, Aromatherapy Specialist, Women in Business Communicator
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Gill is a highly experience and successful property developer with a large portfolio of investment properties and offers Business Coaching.


TV Presenting C.V


View Gill Mathias's TV Showreel


Central ITV:    Piece to camera for Central News about Aromatherapy and pets (dogs)


Central ITV:   Aromatherapy and hayfever.


Carlton TV:   Cooking with Essential Oils


QVC:   Presenting products for their mail order shopping channel


Ideal World:   Presenting products for their mail order shopping channel


Channel Well Being:   Interview about using essential oils in everyday life rather than being just for the privileged pampered


Channel Well Being:   Interview about cooking with essential oils


Channel Well Being:   Interview about using aromatherapy for your wedding 


Sky Breeze:   ‘fun’ item for the Christmas period – hangover relief, pick me up, encouraging the party mood, getting rid of tobacco smells from party etc


Sky Breeze:   ‘fun’ item for the Christmas period – using aromatherapy oils to fragrance wrapping paper, logs, mulled wine, creating a festive atmosphere.


Rapid Broadcasting:   Programme on Women in Property



Radio C.V


EMR  Radio:  Presenting regular features on aromatherapy – e.g. Valentine’s Day, Pregnancy, Christmas, Mother’s Day, National Migraine Week, National Pet Week, stress and relaxation, pregnancy, using aromatherapy at weddings or christenings etc.


BBC Radio Leicester:  Monthly radio discussion and phone-in slot on the Martin Ballard Show for 2 years.



List of TV/Radio discussion or presenting subjects



Women turning 60


Women in Business


Women in Property




        A clean and fragrant house / pest control / selling your house / moving home / working at home


        Mood hoovers and room fragrances


        Entertaining / post party and hangover cures


        Christmas / Diary of a Christmas party


        Cooking with Essential Oils


        In the garden or on holiday: insect repellents, sunburn and sunscreen


        Aromatherapy and Dogs : digs and smell / calming, soothing and livening them




        Car / motion sickness


        Aromatherapy and Astrology




        Stress and Relaxation


        Pregnancy and Babies


        Aromatherapy and Weddings / Christenings



           Gill Mathias biog:


Gill Mathias, Founder and Managing Director of Loughborough-based company, Aromatherapy Gold, decided to start her own aromatherapy business when she was living in Africa and her daughter Louise became seriously ill with pneumonia, aged four.  With three young children to care for in a foreign country, she found that conventional medicines were often unavailable whereas the blended oils from Eucalyptus leaves and lemons were excellent in helping her to recover.  With a devastating condition to deal with, Gill nursed her back to health.  


Back in England Gill then spent some of her career as a professional tennis coach, and took a keen interest in alleviating sports injuries through the use of pure and natural oils.  These skills became very useful when, twelve years ago, she completed the London Marathon! Having studied essential oils, their properties and how they work, her qualifications meant that five years ago she was able to start her own business venture and converted the outbuildings of her house into a working barn where all the essential oils could be stored and packed.


Aromatherapy G O L D (named after the first letter of the names of her and her family – Gill, Oliver, Louise, Dominic) now produce a vast range of over 100 health and beauty products and has supplied to a number of prestigious clients.

Due to the huge success of her aromatherapy business, Gill has expanded the concept of aromatherapy to the pet world!  She has developed a range of award-winning coloured tags that release essential oils to enhance a dog’s mood, using either the Pick-Me-Up or Relaxing varieties.  There are also tags to deter ticks and fleas, and to act as a deodorant.  AromaPlay™ is the latest project, the new sensation set to revolutionise playtime for pre-schoolers and young children. Based on the old children’s favourite, it’s a silky smooth dough enriched with natural ingredients, grape-seed oil and pure ORGANIC essential oils. Then there’s AromaSqueezeMe™ - the adult version!


Gill’s time is spent juggling the management of her aromatherapy business, which includes attending a number of different exhibitions throughout the year, talking to suppliers and innovators, regular media interviews for radio/TV as well as still being actively involved in the lives of her family.  She also arranged the wedding of her daughter, Louise - a spectacular event with a unique aromatherapy theme which meant that the church and reception venue were filled with a wonderful aroma of essentialoils.                                                                  


Gill uses aromatherapy oils in a variety of ways in her day-to-day life: a morning bath; oils on the pillow to induce sleep; refreshing Aromaballs in the car for tiredness while driving; a vaporiser for inhaling and relaxing; in a water antibacterial spray for the working surfaces in the kitchen and of course, in beauty products, such as hand cream.  It really is a way of life for Gill.  Having suffered the stress of a separation from her husband, she has used aromatherapy oils to stay calm and focused.


Gill has found the building of her business rewarding both professionally and personally. She said, “I have enjoyed the tremendous satisfaction that has come with providing natural, good quality products, using only the highest quality oils, which have really helped to improve and enhance peoples’ lives.  We get many letters from satisfied customers who have enjoyed the benefits of our products, for example, our anti-stretch mark cream which is one of our best sellers.  I am sure that my own good health is enhanced by the products that I use and my enormous amounts of energy give me the drive to develop my business even further.” 


Business Coach

Gill has a passion for working with people to enable and drive achievement, and whose coaching skills are underpinned by acknowledged business success in the Property and Health sectors. Gill is a fully qualified business coach, mediator and has qualifications in the sports sector as a Complimentary Therapist. Gill has worked overseas and in the UK coaching senior executives and managers. Gill has a background of delivering coaching throughout a varied career beginning in the sporting arena before further developing into the workplace. Gill demonstrates enthusiasm and challenge to bring an enabling style to coaching and aims to give focus, clarity and a thinking partnership for the client. Due to her many years experience in the health industry, much of her emphasis is on well-being in the mind and body. Gill is a qualified mediator and has worked in many areas of conflict in the workplace. Health coaching is about building individual strengths through using eclectic techniques and strategies for clients. This process empowers the person to unlock their potential to maximise their own performance in every aspect of life.


Career History


Gill has worked with the following organisations in the public and private sectors: Bank of America Home Retail Group Bank of Kuwait Sections of NHS SME’s L.T.A Voluntary Associations.

1971 – 1988 Professional Tennis Coach

As a competitive tennis player, Gill progressed to Wimbledon at a junior level and also represented the County in tournaments and still plays competitively. However, Gill soon developed a passion for coaching others and trained to become a professional tennis coach. Gill coached on a part-time basis over a number of years in countries including Italy, South Africa and Nigeria. Gill coached people in the Townships of South Africa and in Nigeria! Later the tennis coaching also included wheel chair participants. As a coach, Gill developed excellent communication skills needed to enable her to relate and empathise with people from a range of backgrounds and abilities, providing strong support, focus and enthusiasm to ensure the client’s potential was achieved.

1983 – 1988 Bought and built up a gym with health and fitness facilities.

1988 – 2009 Managing Director – Property Company.
Gill began her career as a Director of a Property Company within the commercial and residential property management sector. She progressed to MD in 1999. The role was primarily overseeing the daily business operation, amounting to an annual turnover in the region of £2,000,000.

Key Responsibilities: Ensuring business finances were in order, rent collections, selling fees etc. Ensuring performance of contracted services e.g. solicitors, surveyors etc. Ensuring smooth running of staff and development when necessary. Building new contacts and business through effective networking. Establishing and maintaining a high performing team of employees through goal directed coaching. Effective team working with the other Directors to ensure success in a target focused and competitive industry and attention to profit.

1998 – To recent sale Founder and Managing Director – Aromatherapy Gold, Loughborough.
Aromatherapy Gold was established as an online business selling aromatherapy products to consumers and retailers and quickly grew into a thriving retailer itself. As the entrepreneurial founder, Gill was tasked with the challenge of initiating the business plans for the bank, sourcing suppliers and products, marketing the brand and ensuring profitability with much attention to cost management. Gill approached this with enthusiasm and tenacity and as a result, Aromatherapy Gold enjoyed commercial success and sold globally.

Key Achievements: Aromatherapy Gold won numerous awards recognised in national publications including The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and New Woman Magazine. Secured supply contracts with premier retailers including Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges and many other large organisations. Undertook media and public events to present the Aromatherapy Gold brand and give expert guidance and opinion.

Career History

Exhibitions and lecturing, plus radio and television work. Topics included aromatherapy, women in business issues, complimentary medicine and property within the UK.


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