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Dr Lisa Ackerley: Food & Environmental Hygiene
Dr Lisa Ackerley: Food & Environmental Hygiene
Dr Lisa Ackerley: Food & Environmental Hygiene
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D R   L I S A   A C K E R L E Y

Consultant in Food and

Environmental Hygiene


As seen on BBC's Rogue Traders & Watchdog, BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio.


Dr Lisa Ackerley

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TV and Radio CV:

Food Safety, Environmental Health, Domestic Hygiene, Consumer health, Microbiology, E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Tourist illness, public health.

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Dr Lisa Ackerley


• 2013 March BBC Three Counties Radio: Pets in Kitchens
• 2013 February BBC Warwickshire and Coventry Radio dirty desks – live swabbing study
• 2013 February BBC Three Counties Radio horsemeat – changing eating habits
• 2013 February BBC Three Counties Radio dirty desks
• 2013 February 2013 LBC Radio spitting
• 2013 February BBC Three Counties Radio dust mites
• 2013 February BBC Three Counties Radio: dirty jeans
• 2013 February Channel 4 News 7 pm Horsemeat scandal
• 2013 BBC1 Prime time (8pm) series on holiday hotels: Holiday Hit Squad (Feb 6th - )
• 2013 January BBC Three Counties Radio: Laundry hygiene, Bedding hygiene, office hygiene
• 2013 January BBC Radio Warwickshire and Coventry: Use by dates
• 2013 January BBC Radio 4: Farming Today: Pasteurisation
• 2013 January BBC1 Rip off Britain: Cruise liner norovirus outbreak
• 2012 October - BBC News On-line – hand washing
• 2012 September - BBC1 Watchdog: Holiday Village, Egypt – Campylobacter infections
• 2012 June BBC London Radio. Vanessa Feltz. Environmental Health – Filthy and Verminous Premises
• 2012 BBC1 Breakfast – use by dates
• 2012 BBC1 Breakfast – office hygiene
• 2012 Sky News - office hygiene
• 2012 Gaby Live – stacking a fridge
• 2011 Daily Mail – Use by Dates
• 2011 BBC1 Watchdog – washing machine hygiene
• 2011 – regular contributor to BBC Three Counties,  BBC London Radio on Environmental Health Issues 
• 2011 January BBC1 Save our Holiday. Presenter / contributor: Series of 15 programmes about keeping safe on holiday
• 2010 September Radio day on hand washing
• 2010 July BBC1 The Secret Tourist. Series of four programmes on BBC1 8 pm investigating problem resorts abroad
• 2009-10 Regular interviews on Three Counties Radio Consumer Programme
• 2009 Various interviews on national and local radio on behalf of Sheila’s Wheels
• 2009 October BBC1 Watchdog: Turkish Holiday Village Report
• 2009 September BBC1 Watchdog: Turkish Holiday Village Report
• 2009 March BBC Three Counties Radio: out of date food
• 2009 March BBC Radio Solent: dishcloths in the home
• 2009 March BBC Radio 2: Chris Evans, dishcloths in the home
• 2008 Summer BBC 1 Rogue Restaurants with Matt Allwright and Anita Rani. Resident Food Safety Expert for series of 6 programmes (8 pm)
• 2008 BBC 1 Watchdog: Cleaning cloths re-visited
• 2008 GMTV Home Hygiene, demonstration of how germs can spread
• 2008 Spokesperson for UK Hygiene Council: results of Global Hygiene Study on regional live and pre-recorded radio and various popular magazines and press
• 2007 BBC 1 Watchdog Fast Food outlets: cleaning cloth microbiological results and usage
• 2007 (May) Spokesperson for regional radio (live and pre-recorded) for UK Hygiene Council
• 2007 15 Regional Radio interviews on food safety for UK Hygiene Council
• 2007 New! Magazine. The Truth about Germs
• 2007 Shopping the Supermarkets, BBC One, 9.15am, Monday 12 February
• 2006 20 Regional Radio interviews on hygiene in the home
• 2004: Sky One: So you think you’re safe – hygiene in the home
• 2002 July: 15 Radio interviews on hygiene in the home
• 2001 December. Bottle feeding: how to give advice on hygiene. Professional Care of Mother and Child: Volume 11; number 6 152-154
• 2001 Radio interviews on hygiene in the home
• 2001, Watchdog/Newsnight/Countryfile special BBC1 8 pm 2nd March Background issues on food safety
• 2000 July and August Radio and newspaper interviews on hygiene in the home – use of dishcloths as a means of cross-contamination. Includes BBC Radio Norfolk, Radio Gemini, Radio Beacon, The Scotsman, GMR, Southern Counties Radio
• 2000, May-June Various local radio interviews including Radio GWR FM, BBC Wolverhampton, BBC Radio Leeds: hygiene in the home - Campylobacter
• 1999 Various local radio interviews including: hygiene in the home – general topics
• 1998, April 19 "Outbreak" Panorama special on E.coli outbreak in N Lanarkshire
• 1997, October.  BBC Radio 4 You and Yours
• 1996, November. BBC local Radio and local papers: media tour to improve awareness of E. coli 0157 and other food poisoning pathogens.
• 1996 Household Hygiene. You and Your Baby Guide from Asda 1st Edition
• 1996, August Germ Busting: is your home as clean as you think? Asda Magazine.
• 1994, June: The London Programme, LWT. E.coli 0157 and food hygiene in the home
• 1994 April Radio 5: Food Hygiene on Holiday
• 1993/4 BBC Watchdog Holiday Special: Food Hygiene in Mallorca
• 1992 Today newspaper, 19 November
• 1992 Autumn: There,: Campylobacter - the one that nearly got away
• 1992 Daily Mail, 9 September: Campylobacter
• 1992 BBC Local Radio Media Tour: Food Hygiene in the Home
• 1992 Dettox consumer leaflets: Hygiene in the Home
• 1992 Sun Newspaper 4 March: Baby and Toddler Hygiene in the Home
• 1992 BBC Bazaar, 24 February, 8 March: Food Hygiene Hints
• 1992 GWR (Radio), Bristol, 12 February. Baby and Toddler Hygiene in the Home
• 1991 Good Housekeeping Institute, London 31 October: Food Hygiene in the Home
• 1991 Sun 28 August: Hygiene in the Home
• 1991 Today Hygiene in the Home
• 1990 Recruitment Today: Food Hygiene Training
• 1989 OCT/DEC The Food Magazine. Food Hygiene Training: a little knowledge may be a dangerous thing
• 1989 Channel 4: The Sharp End, PhD results
• 1985 BBC Radio 4: “Face the Facts” Contributor: Campylobacter



• Current since 1987: FOUNDER DIRECTOR, now Managing Director, Hygiene Audit Systems.
• Key achievements:
• Strategic consultancy for major clients in the food industry
• Leading a team of 40 trainers and consultants to develop and deliver bespoke food safety training to major clients, provide advice, auditing, hazard analysis training and development of systems.
• Development and implementation of tDr Lisa Ackerleyhe world’s first web-based food safety management, auditing and training system.
• Provision of food safety advice to the mass media and professional journals.
• “Translating” food safety research into consumer-friendly messages for the mass media, food trade press and professional publications
• Expert witness for the food industry, local authorities and victims of food poisoning.
• Organisation and delivery of an all-Ireland Conference on Food Allergies and training programme for EHOs (2007)
• Development and delivery of training for food enforcement officers, including running courses for the Food Standards Agency on Food Allergies in England, NI and Scotland.
• Auditing local authority food enforcement systems.
• 2009 Appointed Visiting Professor of Environmental Health, Salford University
• 2002- Appointed Specialist Food Safety Adviser to Royal Institute of Public Health (Now Royal Society of Public Health)
• 1995: FAO/WHO Codex Consultancy: Food Hygiene Product Specific Codes.
• 1994-1998: VISITING RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, Kings College, University of London
• 1994: Co-opted MEMBER, Retail, Catering and Consumer Surveillance Working Group, and Domestic Practices Sub-Group (under the Steering Group on the Microbiological Safety of Food)
• 1993: SECONDMENT: Department of Health, providing assistance to the Chief Environmental Health Officer and his team, including work on Assured Safe Catering and Food Safety Regulations
• 1993-: Appointed member of the editorial board, Health and Hygiene (RIPHH)
• 1990: FELLOW, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: travel in the USA and Canada to examine food safety controls including HACCP and training methods.
• 1987-1990: SENIOR LECTURER IN ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, Thames Polytechnic (now University of Greenwich). Specialist in food hygiene, food poisoning and food legislation on BSc (Hons) and MSc courses.
• 1984-1987: ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICER (Commercial) Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire. Duties included special research projects, food inspection and enforcement, health and safety enforcement, food hygiene training.


• 2013 February How to Stay off TV and out of Court: Newport Business School
• 2012 March, Food Safety SOFHT conference, Coventry
• 2012 February, Food Hygiene in Holiday Resorts, RSPH, London
• 2012 January, Hygiene Council, Cape Town, Global Food Hygiene
• 2011, December. Food Safety Myths and Legends, SW CIEH Conference, Truro
• 2011 November: Chair E. coli: Burgers, Beansprouts and Beaches, RSPH, London
• 2011 May CIEH SW Centre Food Safety Update
• 2010 CIEH C&I Group Media Challenges
• 2010 CIEH Herts Beds Bucks Food Safety
• 2010 November RSPH Food Safety Challenges: Chair and keynote speaker
• 2010 November SOFHT Food Safety
• 2010 CIEH Telford Best of the Best: Pest and the Media
• 2010 CIEH York. Food Safety in the Media Spotlight
• 2010 London Food Club: Getting to Grips with Food Safety Management
• 2002: Witness training. Bond Solon
• 1998: NAIB Assessor Training Course (EN45004)
• 1990: PhD (Occupational Health), University of Birmingham. Food Hygiene and Food Poisoning: a Study of Public Perceptions
• 1984: BSc (Hons) Environmental Health: FIRST CLASS, Bristol Polytechnic
• 1980: First BDS, University of Bristol, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
• 1975-1978: O’levels: 10. A’levels: History, German, English. Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Evesham, Worcs.


• Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner
• FELLOW: Royal Society of Health
• FELLOW: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
• FELLOW: Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene
• MEMBER: Society of Food Hygiene and Technology


• 2009 September. CIEH Best of the Best Conference for Enforcement Officers HACCP – how it goes wrong.
• 2009 July. Food Allergens and Labelling. Food Safety and Security Conference, Kingston Jamaica
• 2009 July. E.coli O157 Lessons from the UK, Food Safety and Security Conference, Kingston Jamaica
• 2009 May. E.coli: The Role of The Environmental Health Practitioner in Prevention. Royal Society of Public Health, London
• 2009, March From Rogue Restaurants to dirty homes: what can we learn? Perspectives in Public Health, Vol 129, No 2, 67-68
• 2009 Spring How not to be a Rogue Restaurant. SOFHT Focus 14-15
• 2009 Rogue Restaurants, Implications for Training. SOFHT, Barnsley, March
• CIEH C and I Group, London. Experiences and Outcomes from Rogue Restaurants
• 2008 Winter Food Safety Update, RSPH Health and Hygiene
• 2008 CIEH Herts, Beds and Bucks Group, Letchworth: How Clean is your Home?
• 2008 CIEH Sussex Food Study Group, Eastbourne: E.coli: Lessons Learned?
• 2008 November. University Caterer: Food Safety
• 2008 Autumn Food Safety Update, RSPH Health and Hygiene
• 2008 September. EHN Rogue Restaurants
• 2008 Summer Food Safety Update, RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2008 E.coli Members’ Lecture July , Royal Institute of Public Health
• 2008 Summer Food Safety Update, RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2008 Foodex/Meatex: Auditing: Closing the Loop
• 2008 Spring Food Safety Update, RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2007 Current threats to Home Hygiene. Paper given to UK Hygiene Council
• 2007 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Food Safety Update, RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2006 (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,) Food Safety Updates. RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2006 December. Web Based Solutions for Food Safety. CIEH Herts and Beds Branch Meeting
• 2006 Paper given to inaugural meeting of UK Hygiene Council. Domestic Food Hygiene
• 2006 Society Of Food Hygiene and Technology. Food Safety, the New Generation, London
• 2006 International Food Hygiene. Control through New Technology. Volume 17 Number 3 11-13
• 2006 March International Food Hygiene Conference, NEC. HACCP, the new Generation
• 2005 (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) Food Safety Updates. RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2005, November, Waddesden Manor. Taking Control of Food Safety British Institute of Innkeepers
• 2005 July, Practical Proven Solutions for HACCP. International Food Hygiene, 16, No 2 15-17
• 2005, Guildford. Taking Control of Food Safety. British Institute of Innkeepers
• 2004 (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) Food Safety Updates. RIPH Health and Hygiene
• 2004, September, Warsaw. Implementation of HACCP requirement. British Embassy Seminar
• 2004, September, Torquay. HACCP: Solutions for Success. CIEH Conference
• 2004, September, Torquay. Environmental Health in the Private Sector. CIEH New Professionals Conference
• 2003 March Barnsley: The Role of the EHO in reducing Food Poisoning. Conference on Strategies for Reducing Food Poisoning
• 2002 November. Hazard Analysis. International Food Safety Conference, Jamaica
• 2002 September The Role of the Expert Witness. Seminar at House of Commons
• 2002 September: Society of Food Hygiene Technology: Getting the Most out of Food Safety Audits
• 2002 May: Essex food Study Group. Lessons from Wishaw – are we any further forward?
• 2000 September CIEH Congress Food Safety Auditing: a commercial perspective
• 2000, July Derby Food Liaison Group Seminar on Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) (Butchers’ Shops) Amendment Regulations 2000
• 2000 March CIEH Kent Branch One Day Conference: Food Safety Audits, the Commercial Perspective
• 1999 April CIEH Conference Manchester: Hazard Analysis: lessons to be learned from Wishaw
• 1998 November CIEH Conference London: Hazard Analysis: lessons to be learned from Wishaw
• 1998 September E. coli O157: lessons to be learned from Lanarkshire Environmental Health.
• 1997 September. CIEH Congress, Bournemouth: Workshop on Hazard Analysis for enforcement officers
• 1997 February. Hazard Analysis: a flexible approach for enforcement officers and the food industry. Environmental Health.
• 1996 October. The Richmond Report: what have we learned? Report of a symposium. Health and Hygiene 17, 159-165.
• 1996 October. Control of Viral Food Poisoning in Catering. In: Viruses in the Food Chain, a one day Symposium, FITR Reading.
• 1996 September. CIEH Congress, Harrogate. Workshop on the flexible approach to enforcement of the hazard analysis requirement for food businesses.
• 1996, August. Hazard Analysis in the home. Professional Care of Mother and Child.
• 1996 June PHLS / CIEH Conference on Control of Infectious Diseases. The hazard Analysis approach to control of food poisoning
• 1995, September: CIEH Congress, Bournemouth: Workshop on Hazard Analysis
• 1995, Developed and led intensive course leading to EHORB Higher Certificate for Technical Officers
• 1995-: Hazard analysis and risk assessment seminars, workshops and conferences for local government enforcement officers from over 120 authorities in England, Wales and Scotland (in conjunction with Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland)
• 1995, May: London Food Study Group: hazard analysis and Assured Safe Catering
• 1994, April: Domestic Food Hygiene: a conference organised by the CIEH with the Retail, Catering and Consumer Surveillance Working Group and the Human Epidaemiology Working Group: Public Perceptions of Food Hygiene and Food Poisoning
• 1994, September: CIEH Group Crawley: Assured Safe Catering
• 1994: Assured Safe Catering : Environmental Health: December, 282-285.
• 1994: Consumer Awareness of food hygiene and food poisoning. Environmental Health. March , 71-74
• 1993: Campylobacter on the menu. Health and Hygiene: 14, 2-4.
• 1992:Food Poisoning from Campylobacter Environmental Health: September
• 1992, June 16-19: 3rd FAO/WHO World Congress on Foodborne Infections and Intoxications. Berlin. Sectional Session Speaker. Public Perceptions of Food Hygiene and Food Poisoning
• 1992: London Food Study Group: Campylobacter
• 1991, 26 June: Paper to NEHA (Oregon, USA): Food Legislation in the UK
• 1991, 26 June: Paper to NEHA (Oregon, USA): Food Hygiene and Food Poisoning: a study of Public Perceptions
• 1991: Food Control Systems in the USA: Environmental Health: June
• 1991, April: IEHO Yorkshire and Humberside Centre Weekend School: Consistent Enforcement Standards
• 1991, February: IEHO Conference, “Food Control, Completing the Jigsaw”: Food Control in the USA
• 1990, October: Paper at Food Hygiene in the Home Conference. Elmbridge: Food Hygiene Training: which methods are most effective
• 1988, October: Birmingham University. Current Issues in NHS Occupational Health. Inspection of Hospital Kitchens.
• 1985, Ackerley, LM, Jones, A. Food Poisoning - Fact or Fiction? An observation of the current interpretation of the term “Food Poisoning”. Journal of International Medical Research. 13; 4, 241-244.


• 2009 Expert Witness Report for Prosecution: Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 – HACCP and temperature control
• 2009 Fatal Accident Inquiry, Report and attendance in Court, Paisley. E.coli
• 2008 Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995. Expert witness report and attendance in court for prosecution of nursery following Salmonella outbreak
• 2007 Food Hygiene (England) Regs 2006 defence work, prosecution of Public Houses
• 2006 Food Hygiene (England) Regs 2006 defence work, prosecution of Public Houses, Hygiene Improvement Notices, Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices
• 2005 Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 defence work
• 2002 Emergency Prohibition Notice – expert for the defence
• 2002 Seizure of unfit food – expert for defence
• 2002 Expert witness for prosecution (Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995)
• 2001 Food Poisoning Outbreak in a major hotel – expert report for the defence
• 2000-2002 Late Night Licence Appeals in Central London
• 2000/2 Food Safety Act defence work in Licensed Retail Trade
• 1999 Salmonella outbreak, (criminal) Food Safety Act defence work for clients in Licensed Retail Trade
• 1999-2000 Defence work and appeal for independent public house (Food Safety Act and Regulations)
• 1998: E.coli: Crown Witness for Procurator Fiscal, FAI, Scotland
• 1998: Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 appeal (defence)
• 1997: E.coli: J Barr & Son (Food Safety Act and Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 defence)
• 1997: Due diligence report (Food Safety Act prosecution)
• 1992-7: Various cases involving Salmonella in eggs (Criminal: prosecution, defence. Civil: plaintiff, and defendant)


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