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Benjamin Bonetti: Motivation/Inspiration/Life Coach/Team Building
Benjamin Bonetti: Motivation/Inspiration/Life Coach/Team Building
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Benjamin Bonetti


“Successful entrepreneur, with firsthand experience of the stresses involved with business

Benjamin Bonetti’s serious, no-nonsense approach to therapy has made him a success in his own right, he has met with and consulted or advised with international business owners, celebrities and sporting heroes, where his diverse tactics to install new beliefs and thinking patterns increase the standards in which they live.

He is passionate about personal development and constantly looking for new ways to maximise the potential of others with a personal lifelong goal to “inspire others to achieve great things”.

Benjamin believes that anything is possible with the correct leverage and motivation, he comments: “it’s just a matter of relabeling negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones”, he is a well respected figure within the coaching industry providing expert advice for high street personal development magazines, online expert TV channels and providing valuable feedback for a recent personal development film premiered at Kings College London.

His devotion to personal enhancement has been his key focus for the last 10 years, spanning many areas of behavioural therapy and personal development including: Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, CBT and Neuro linguistic Programming. His extensive range of hypnosis audio programmes are being sold internationally including: USA, Dubai, and Europe.

Benjamin’s exciting book Don’t Struggle Quietly” is due to be released later this year, offering readers with the basic mind re-coding tools to transform their thinking forever using slight linguistic alterations and simple exercises.

He started his career straight from School, serving in the British Army, leaving in 2001 after serving in Northern Ireland. He currently lives on the South Coast with his wife Victoria and 2 young children, Joseph and Emiliana.

Benjamin’s recent work includes, Mind Coach on Celebrity Wife Swap 2008, Motivational Expert on New Year’s Day BBC Radio 2009, Mind Expert for Slim at Home Magazine 2009, Life Coach on Talk City FM 2009, Expert for WAVE Magazine 2009, Motivational Expert for Government Department 2009 and many more productions.

His London clinic is based in the internationally renowned Harley Street W1, where he works with clients to overcome limiting beliefs and deal with the root cause of their issues. For a private consultation please contact his office on 0845 194 9644


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